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Puzzlestool Mark

Puzzlestool Laura

The Youmi® puzzlestool is magnificent
It's a wooden stool with the name of the child in the colors of the rainbow, assembled as a puzzle.

The Youmi® puzzelstool is multi-functional
Very nice as a gift at birth, but also when the children are a bit older. For boys and girls, timeless and strong. Multiple possibilities. As a small table, for learning the colors of the rainbow. Later on for puzzling and spelling your own name. But also as a little stool for just sitting.

The Youmi® puzzlestool is strong
The stool is made of all natural wood. It stands sturdy on four legs and the varnis used is child-friendly off course.

The Youmi® puzzlestool is also for companies
The Youmi puzzlestool has proven to be a very personal gift for the birth of a child of an employee. Very simple, the only thing you have to do is to fill in the orderform. And after a couple of weeks the puzzlestool will be deliverd at home with your personal message.
Do you want to suprise a business-relation? Send them a puzzlestool when they gave birth to their baby.

In short, an ideal gift to give and to recieve!
The Youmi® puzzlestool has been a great success due to its versatility and lively colors.

How to order
You can order the puzzlestool by orderform at this website.

Youmi® is a registered name and the stool a protected design of VVTV-International in Bussum, The Netherlands.